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Time-Stretching with BeatCleaver

Adjust the Tempo of your Samples

Realtime and Offline Rendering for the Best Quality.

BeatCleaver allows you to change the tempo of a song, recording, or drum beat without changing the pitch using a cutting-edge time-stretching engine. With an engine tuned for working with beats as well as music, BeatCleaver offers high quality time-stretching without sounding robotic.

Automatic Tempo Detection

Find the BPM of a song or clip in seconds.

BeatCleaver automatically determines the tempo (BPM) of any audio loaded into it with impressive accuracy, so you can dive right into adjusting the tempo of a sample.

Just pick a new tempo, preview it, and save!

Hear BeatCleaver Time-Stretch

To demonstrate the new time stretching capabilities of BeatCleaver, we first went to dig for samples on CCMixter, a popular Creative Commons sampling site. After discovering some funky guitar samples, we threw them into BeatCleaver to time-stretch, repitch, and chop them.

Give a quick listen to the original samples, followed by a time-stretched and repitched version of each:

Then, we dragged the chopped up samples from BeatCleaver into our favorite sampler and sequencer, and wrote a short instrumental hip hop track using the slices:

We'd like to give a special thanks to the talented artists who've generously licensed their samples under the Creative Commons BY license over on CCMixter. We'd also like to thank for the beat!

Time-Stretching Capabilities

  • Speed up or slow down music, audio, beats, and recordings
  • Repitch samples without changing the tempo
  • Tempo Range: 30-300 BPM
  • High Quality Offline Rendering
  • Advanced Quality Settings for Maximum Tweakability
  • Quality Presets for Drums, Harmonic audio, and standard music
  • Easy to use Time Stretching Program
Time-Stretching works with all of BeatCleaver's supported audio formats, including:
  • MP3
  • WAVE
  • FLAC
  • AIFF
  • M4A
  • WMA*
* MP3 and M4A support requires Mac OS X or Windows 7 (or greater). WMA support only available on Windows 7 and greater.

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